How do you use VoodooPad?

For those that don’t know about Voodoopad, you can read about it here:

I’ve been playing around with Voodoopad for sometime, but I’m having trouble establishing a system. I love what the program is capable of doing, however, I hate what my documents are turning into. My problem is that my notes seem to be a jumbled mess and just scattered. I really have no order…

I’m just curious to know other peoples systems. For instance:

How do you set up your index page? Do you make this an actual index with just links to all the other notes?
Do you come back and set up your index page? Set it up first, then go through and link and expand…
Do you use the software along with Scrivener? Before? After?
Do you use it for a note repository?

I know that every system is different, but I’m just curious to know how YOU use it? Perhaps, we could pick up tips and suggestions for one another?

I’m going to post this at the VoodooPad’s Yahoo Groups, also.

Well, I used to use VoodooPad sort of along side Scrivener.
I had a couple of little wikis with some poems and some random notes, travel journals whatever in VoodooPad. I quite liked it. But it is as you say - it does make a mess of it because it requires structure before you think (where as Scrivener actually lets you write and then think. But Scrivener is an entirely different program).

Anyway. I have given up VoodooPad. I don’t need it. Scrivener will do it all for me.