How does a "normal synchronization" beetween iOS and Mac look like?

I have all sorts of unpredictable word counting behaviour, so just curious, what is supposed to be normal.

  • Scrivener for Mac, v. 3.1.1. Sessions are scheduled to reset automatically every midnight.
  • Scrivener for iPad, v. 1.1.5

So far, I’ve got the following scenarios:

  1. In the morning I start on the iPad, the session shows word count of yesterday. I manually reset it and write X words. Then I move to the desktop, it shows X words (synchronized with the iPad).
  2. The same, but when I move to the desktop, it shows 0 words instead of X (after synchronization, everything I’ve written earlier on the iPad does appear on the Mac).
  3. In the morning the session on the iPad shows 0 words (somehow it is already synchronized with the reset Mac session).
  4. Sometimes I forget to reset the session on the iPad in the morning, the number on the iPad shows X words written yesterday + Y words written today, but when I move to the mac, there are 0 words in today’s session.
  5. The same, but the desktop version shows X+Y words, as the iPad.

To make things worse, Writing History (desktop) is totally unreliable. Sometimes it “eats” yesterday’s words, sometimes it shows less words for today that are written in today’s session.

So, my question is – how is it supposed to function? The sessions on the iPad should reset every midnight with the desktop, or not?

It would be great of course if there were an option to reset iPad’s sessions automatically, too, but right now this is not the case.