How does find work?

I’m trying to use the find function as I would in word, so that I can find instances of a specified word.

However, instead of showing me the word I’m looking for, I get a list of documents on the left which are irrelevant, and it refuses to show me instances of the word in the document I’m in. If I hit ‘next’ I get a recycle symbol and nothing else.

How do I get it to take me to the specified word in the document I’m in?


Did you try clicking on one of the documents in the list and then looking at the text? You might have to scroll down through the individual documents to spot the highlighted word(s).

You’re using project search, not Find. The search field in the toolbar allows you to search through all your documents. As in most Mac programs, the regular Find panel can be found in the Edit > Find menu, or invoked by hitting Cmd-F.

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You know what it was? The document was not clicked on - once it was: bingo. Worked like a dream.