How does Scrivener accommodate sound files?

New user question: I have many interviews I’d like to index, import and use in my research folders.
Will these files be “playable” within the Scrivener environment?
Also: Does anyone have specifics about how these type files are best stored? Since only text can be synced, I wonder, can I point Scrivener to these files in a local or remote Dropbox folder?
Lastly, is there a preferred sound file type?

Have you been through the interactive tutorial yet (from the Help menu)? It might help answer some of the basics for you, but for this one, check out step 8 on using split views. The tutorial itself has a short audio file in it, and this section provides instructions for how to use it.

If QuickTime can play it, Scrivener can, since the latter uses the former for multimedia playback.

Speaking more strategically, it can be advantageous to keep your project size smaller as that will keep backups more tidy—remember you’ve got your WIP and your research all in one thing, so the more research you add, the more cumbersome backing up your WIP becomes. Using File/Import/Research Files as Aliases… can help, if the file you are linking to is larger than 1mb or so. I believe that answers your question about storing them remotely as well (though I would add this doesn’t really have much to do with syncing, the end result in Scrivener is virtually identical between fully imported and merely linked to, the only difference is where the thing is actually stored, and a little arrow badge on the icon).