How? Exporting Heading 1 heading 2 to Word

Hi, first let me say, this is the best writing program I have tried.

I have only one problem with it, I can’t figure out how I can export the structure/outline of my draft to Microsft Word so that it keeps its header level. So a folder would get a Heading 1 and a text file inside a folder would get Heading 2 and so on…

Can anyone help a newbie :open_mouth:

The unfortunate fact is that there is no way to do this automatically. The answer is technical, and has to do with there being no standard way to say “this is a header” in the formats that can travel between applications. What you can do is use Word’s format search to style converter. Obviously, this can be a bit of a task, so you’ll want to make sure that is one of the last things you do, so you can avoid having to take this step every time you make a revision in Scrivener.