how get firefox webpages right in scrivener - please help!


I am a new trial-user of Scrivener with a firm impression that this software really could be what I’ve been searching for a long time - I am profoundly impressed of it!

However, when I am trying to arrange things I get stuck on how to move my old web pages (mostly Firefox) from my PC /hard disk to Scrivener so I can - so to say - reuse them from within there.
When I drag them from Explorer over Research folder of Scrivener (I usually take the *.htm as well as the belonging folder holding the small images files) they will show up in Scrivener but without visible images on the pages (just icons with interrogations marks will show up here and there) and sometimes they also are missing a lot of the text too (in those cases maybe because the page once was downloaded at place where I needed a login). And in other cases the page look is very different and strange when I look on them from within Scrivener - for instance they can have very long/wide rows of text and so on (as if format got lost when I moved them from my hard disk). None of them show up with images visible and all of them look different from how they show up when I open them at the original/local place on my hard disk by using Firefox as browser (here they look fine, even without connexion to Internet). Even if I use Firefox as external editor from within Scrivener the strange look is still there - sadly. Only when I open the web pages with Firefox from the original folder on my hard disk (or if I copy them to another place on my hard disk) they look fine but not in Scrivener.

Is this normal?

Or do might it be that I need to go back on internet, search the originally url and give Scrivener that one to get the right look in my Research folder (however since I have a considerable collection of web pages on my hard disk it will take some time to search the url and then reload all them). Or is there a smoother way to get things right? Have I missed something else out here?

I would appreciate a comment from an experienced user of Scrivener!

Greetings from Sweden,
Sven Andersson

It’s a bug in Scrivener.
I also have that problem, as well as many others.
What I did was convert those HTM pages into PDFs
Tech is aware of it and a fix is-- hopefully —in the works


Hi Marta,

Thanks for your comment!

I certainly will give your way a try. However it seems to me that when you create a *.pdf in Scrivener it comes with big border lines between the pages (actually it reminds me about the look from within a Mac which I had for many years ago, if I remember right) and you cannot do selections across those page border lines (not a big thing anyhow)

Besides that, it might be that I also found another way to go around this problem - at least for some cases. Yesterday I discovered that if I put the webpage /Firefox as a reference in the Inspector area and then right-click on the link in that same area and go for the option “Open in current Editor” it seems to me that it will show up properly within Scrivener)! This might also be a way to try out, I guess.

Thanks again for your tip!


yes, that works just as well.
I guess I am just used to making things into pdfs. But you are right that may be easier.