How I removed multiple beta entries in add remove programs

Hopefully, this will help anyone else that is experiencing this. It doesn’t hurt anything, but it bothers me having my app listing all weird.

I’m not 100% how I ended up with multiple entries in add/remove programs on my windows 10 laptop, but I think each entry occurred when my beta expired before I upgraded. When I installed the next beta, I believe I ended up with another entry each time. I tried to uninstall all the betas from add/remove programs, but one would uninstall and the others would error that the uninstall file could not be located.

I’m not 100% sure this is the best resolution, but this is what I did to clean up the other entries.
1 - launch add/remove programs & scroll to scrivener entries
2 - Attempt uninstall on each listing of scrivener in add/remove programs - uninstall all that will
3 - Close add/remove programs
4 - click looking glass in lower left of tool bar (or start/run)
5 - type appwiz.cpl and hit enter
6 - Locate scrivener entries & select each followed by clicking change/remove button at top
7 - App error window will prompt whether to remove entries from list - click yes
8 - Remove any shortcuts to the scrivener program from desktop, etc.
Note - I still had scrivener listed in start/programs menu, but it didn’t affect outcome
9 - Install or reinstall next Beta version

I believe if I’m diligent about uninstalling current version of scrivener before installing the next beta version, I won’t have the duplicate entries.

I had this problem too, but leaving the entries in the ‘Add Remove Programs’ list was annoying me. These can pretty easily be removed by deleting the entries from the registry.

Instructions can be found here on how to do that. It’s simple, though do note, that all the entries for the Scrivener Beta I found in the second location in the registry:


Yikes, Ryan, good intent for sure, but fooling around in the Registry directly can really break a Windows machine, even for programmers.

A very effective and much simpler, plus fully safe way is to click the Start Menu, then type Control Panel., then start that.

When it opens, there’s an icon bottom left for Programs, with a link Uninstall a program.

Going down that list, all Scrivener present and lost installs will be listed. Double clicking each will let you remove it. When it’s found just those remains you’re after, it will tell you so, and ask if you want to remove that this version is listed.

Say yes for each, and the registry will be cleaned of anything relevant – that’s what you want, makes things gone, safely.


On my 3rd laptop I had to use the appwiz.cpl method. In my case, I had a shortcut on my desktop for the old Control Panel.

Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features brings up the Uninstall or change a program listing. Scroll down and you’ll see all your Scrivener versions listed. Right click Uninstall/Change to get rid of the appropriate version numbers.

In earlier builds of Windows 10, if you right-click on the Windows button on the menu bar, you should be able to select Control Panel from the menu that shows up. It’s not there on more recent builds, but you can use one of two other methods to easily bring it up:

  1. Open a PowerShell or CMD window. Type “control” and press enter.
  2. Press the Windows key and type “control”. Select the Control Panel.

I simply have IObit Uninstaller Pro (there is a free version, too) and it takes care of all of the uninstalling of software and it’s little collection of registry entries and the like.

Available here if needed:

Of course, your mileage may vary ¯_(ツ)_/¯