How I Write: Using Multiple Character Audio Voices when writing a Novel, JavaScript for Scrolling, & HTML5 w Scrivener

Greetings All, Just wanted to Share my method of Writing a Novel using Multiple Voices and Audio on the fly, JavaScript, and HTML5…

I’m a BIG Fan of Scrivener (and Scapple) they dovetail perfectly to the way I Think, Write, and Create.

For me, writing a Novel is like watching a movie. I see and hear the action going on, then write it down.

Of course, dialogue is a very important part of this and I have found and created special Codes that allows my Characters to Speak in their Own Audio Voice, then Automatically switch to the next Character.

I find this extremely helpful in every phase of Creating, Writing, and Editing,

I also use JavaScripts, that lets me control automatic scrolling speeds, and a Control that let’s me Play, Pause, and Stop the Voices AND the Scrolling . I use this ‘within’ Scrivener all the time.

What I end up with is a kind of Rolling Text and Audio Script.

The only thing Scrivener will not do is make the Popcorn… But, I’m fairly certain they’re working on that… They’ve sure thought of everything else.


Go to Preferences → General → Services

Tick the box »Serve treat every 10.000 words« and choose »Popcorn« from the drop down menu. It’s between »Pomegrenade« and »Rice Crackers«.

BTW: No idea how your writing process works, but sounds fun!