How Import Table?


In Scrivener for Mac v2.5, how can a table (carefully compiled in MS-Excel) be imported?

***Hope the answer is NOT: re-type it in Scrivener. :cry:

Your thoughts?


Plane Wryter

Select the rows and columns you want to import in Excel, then copy and paste them into a text file in Scrivener.
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Ah ha!

Learned something.

Keith, your suggestion is what I originally tried…and ended up with a black box in the Scrivener text file…which led me to believe the cut-and-paste did not work.

Then, after reading you suggestion…I tried it again…ended up with the same black box…and realized, I shaded the source MS-Excel cells.

So, in Scrivener, I opened the Table Tool and discovered (ta da!) “Cell Background” was set to Black. After setting Cell Background to “None,” the table is now visible.

***Documenting this experience in case anyone else encounters the same set of circumstances.

Many thanks,
Plane Wryter