How is page count in the targets dialog calculated?

I’m wondering because I’m aiming my text for a 6"x9" book format with lots of code samples. The ‘contest’ I’m participating is PragProWriMo, where they suggest 60 pages, so I’m using the page sizes and fonts from a typical programming book.

So far, I can compile the draft to an RTF in Word that matches the target page count I currently see in Scrivener, 4. However, I’m wondering if this is coincidence, or if it uses the latest compile settings for the target page count?

It can’t be the current format of the editor, because currently when I use Edit -> Scrivenings, I see three pages, not four.


The page count is based on how many pages would be printed were you to go to File > Compile and then print the draft directly from Scrivener. I think. I’m away from my development machine at the moment so will have to check the code to double-check, but I think that’s how I implemented. That’s certainly the way the page count is generated in the project statistics panel.


Thanks Keith.

If you get a chance to verify that and it turns out it is different, could you post a follow-up?

You just caught me before I move away from my dev machine for the night. Yep, confirmed - the code calls on the compile code and gets the page count from there. So it should be the same page count as if you printed or created a PDF from Scrivener’s compile panel.
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