How large can a project be?

I have a project with a lot of images, and it’s already 64MB. I’m wondering how large Scrivener projects can be. Is there a limit, if not on desktop, then on iOS? (Everything is in Dropbox, not stored on devices.)

Scrivener has been tested with projects well into the gigabyte range. The ultimate limit is the storage space on your device, which may be more of an issue with iOS Scrivener.

Because of the way Scrivener works, it only loads whatever files you’re actually working with. For most operations, the overall project size is simply irrelevant.

The exceptions are:

  • Creating a large Scrivenings session requires Scrivener to load all of the component files of the session.
  • Compiling a project incorporates all of the components of the output document, including images, and may also require running the result through a file format conversion step.
  • Backing up the project creates a complete copy of the entire project, however large it may be.