How Large is the Average?

My Scrivener file is almost 20 gig, I am wondering if there’s a cap on size. Too, I’m wondering what the average size of most people’s files. It takes forever to back my file up, and I often have issues with crashing while saving and backing up, and I am wondering if all of my novel content has made my file just to large for Scrivener to handle properly.

Lots of images in your project? My projects are usually a few megabytes, at the most. Almost only text.

About 3 Mb. I keep files outside the project file by using Insert image link to file, mostly.

Having very large projects is not a problem while writing as Scrivener only save the current file every few seconds, but making a backup includes the who,e project and possibly making a zip file of it all, and that will take some time if the project is super big. If you have ’Backup on close’ and ’Backup on manual save’ activated in preferences, make sure you have time for it all to be done before getting impatient or closing your Mac.

My biggest project has 250k words and is 7MB.

I have a few images in there, but it’s mostly just text.

The project backs up in a couple of seconds, usually so quickly I don’t even notice it.

Perhaps you could identify your biggest images, store them outside your project, and (as mentioned above) pull them in with Insert Image Linked from File? That might help. And do you have any videos in there? Video is huge.

ETA: The other thing to try is Empty Trash, if you haven’t done that in a while. Deleted documents, folders, everything stays in Scrivener trash forever, unless you empty it.

20 GB is definitely on the large side. Probably most of that is not text, but research materials. And yes, I would expect to see some performance issues with a project that big.

This is why the “Import Research Files as Aliases” command exists.