How link to compiled (PDF) versions of articles?

I used Scrivener for one of my courses last quarter, and ran into a surprising problem. I bet there is a solution somewhere.
The problem is that you apparently cannot put PDFs into the main Binder (where the draft writing goes). It seems that only text documents are allowed.

When I write something for my students (assignments, mini-chapters, examples, etc.) I obviously want the “draft” version in Scrivener, for future editing. But I also want to keep any PDF or HTML versions that I actually handed out each year. It appears that I need a completely separate system for managing these PDFs, with no way to link a PDF to the Scrivener document that created it.

The easiest way to “link” would be to store a PDF as an indented sub-item under the draft document. I can see how that might be confusing at Compile time. So I guess a method of linking would also be OK.
If I cannot do this within Scrivener, I have to keep a file of PDFs in either the Finder, or in a database such as Eaglefiler or Devonthink.

Am I overlooking something? Other people must have the same requirement - how do you deal with it? Thanks for any suggestions.

You can store pdfs in the Research folder, which should be toward the bottom of your Binder. You can create a Scrivener link in the Draft document that will link right to the pdf. Right-click where you want the link and scroll down to the “Scrivener Link” drop-down menu. This will let you link to any document in your project, even files in the Research folder. It will show up as a clickable hyperlink that should open a second (split) editor when clicked.

Hope this is what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the fast response. If I understand it, this method would add extra text into the document that I don’t want. (I’m sure there is a way to create non-printing comments, though.)

I found variant on your idea that is even cooler: there is a box called “Document References” that goes with every document. It has a dropdown + menu that includes “internal references.” In that menu, I can navigate to the document I want to link to. I have not tested it thoroughly, but it looks perfect.
Thanks, and sorry for cluttering up this forum with a question - but I could not find a better place to put it. (Tech support seems to be for technical problems, which this isn’t.)

Again, thank you Sanguinius for fast response.

Sorry, I should have said you can put the link in your Document Notes or References panes in the Inspector. That would definitely be easier, unless you wanted to make an in-text link into an inline annotation. The first way would be the easiest, especially the References pane. I don’t link to other documents and I don’t use References, myself, so it didn’t occur to me. That sounds like the way to go for you, though.