How long does it take for support to get back to you?

What are your current experiences with, pls?
Do they get back to you and if so how long does it take?
I am on my 9th day and still waiting for even an automated reply.
(a delivery status notification reported success, so the e-mail got thru)
Does spending time on submitting bugs make any sense? Do you feel, like they even look at those?

Did you check your spam folder?

I have always had useful responses within 3-4 hours. My impression is that LL does look closely at bug reports and take them seriously. I would second the suggestion of suavito and look in your spam or junk folder.

I don’t use any kind spam/junk folders.

Do you think it makes more sense to submit a bug to the forum so other users can add their experiences?

if it is a bug report then why critical time wise?

yes perhaps best to post here first.

i don’t understand
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Hi K,

We endeavor to reply to all support tickets within 48 hours, weekends and holidays excluded. You should get an auto-reply right away letting you know we’ve received your inquiry and suggesting some articles that might help, and then a human reviews and replies to every ticket.

If you get a crash report and send that with a description, those will not receive a reply—those go to our developer for review, not to the support team. If you sent an email to the Windows support email address, you should have received a reply already.

I didn’t see any tickets from this year under the email address associated with your forum account. Could you please DM me with the email address you used so I can check on the status of your ticket? If you used this email address, it doesn’t seem to have come through, so please do re-send.

Thank you for your reply, Jen.
I am very glad to hear and see that you are well and kicking.
I have found the solution to my original issue in one of the books, but I will send you my original mail and DSN so you can check if it had any issues getting through.
Could I use this opportunity and ask you also about your opinion about reporting bugs? Does it make more sense to send the bug report to the forum (tagged as a bug) so that other users may chip in with their experiences? It makes sense to me, but I am not the one processing the reports.

It can be helpful to post the bug reports here—others can chime in if they’ve experienced the same, which helps us collect data faster and pinpoint the problem. It’s also not uncommon for a reported “bug” to actually be an intended feature or known limitation of the program, which someone will usually point out pretty quickly.

It’s better to email us a bug report if you need to send screenshots and don’t want to share those publicly, or if we ultimately need to look at the project file itself to see what’s going on. So, it kind of just depends on your preferences and the nature of the report.

Just a quick addition to Jen’s comment for anyone else experiencing a slow response. If you don’t get an auto-reply very quickly – usually within minutes – that almost certainly means there’s a mail misrouting somewhere. Check your spam filter, make sure the domain is whitelisted, turn off human verification systems, etc.