How long have I been working this week stats report?


I really hope this already exists but i would LOVE to be ale to see how long i had worked on a project. I have looked all over the interface and reports but I can’t see it. What i hoped was, that i could check and see that i had been looking at/working on a chapter or project for x amount of hours, to give me an idea how many screen hours my project is taking, make me better at guessing project compleation times.

Project > Writing History not working for you?

that works as intended but i looking for TIME not WORDS :frowning: -

Chapter 1 - 22 hours
Chapter 2 - 35 hours

that kind of thing

That might be hard. Do you count the time a Project is open, but in the background? Does staring at the screen count? What if you’ve worked on several projects intermittently? What if two people write on the same project? What if two Projects are next to each other on the same screen? What if you work on one Project on iOS, Windows, and macOS? How does this work after you had to reinstall the software?

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I know it wouldn’t be perfectly accurate, but a general “this chapter/project has been open for this long” would be a nice general guide. May most people wouldnt find it useful, I’ll script somethng myself, i guess

One option would be to look at the Modified metadata, whether for individual files or for the project as a whole.

What I would do, though, is use one of the many time tracking tools out there. These can track either the time you spend in a particular application or the time you spend on a specific project.

For the Mac, I personally like Klokki (simple, easy to use) and Timing (not simple, but a bit more automated).


Yeah, i think thats how ill tackle it. Thanks for replies internet people! :smiley:

You could always do your work on weekends…

“HAROLD!!! What in tarnation are you doing? I told you TWO HOURS ago to fix the roof…”

See how it works??? :slight_smile: