How many computers I can install scrivener on?

I have two computers and my family members have more,six in all,in two countries.Can we install scrivener on all these computers?

I don’t know what the limit is (I recall 5, but could be wrong), but the wording of the license says that you can put it on computers of family members who live under the same roof.

Here’s more detail on the subject of multiple computers running Scrivener: … e-computer


This. It’s a “household” license, not a “family” license. The computers not living in your household should have their own licenses.



May I know if there’s a maximum limit to how many times I may use the same license? Meaning, if I bought a new laptop, and over the years change again to a newer model is there a maximum to how many times I may use the license? I recall in Scrivener 2 it was 5 times.

But I’ve been reading that there are no limits with Scrivener 3. Also, I bought Scrivener 3 as upgrade from Scrivener 2. And if I recall, I have used Scrivener 2 on perhaps 3 computers before I upgraded to Scrivener 3. If there is a limit, then will it follow that I have only twice more on Scrivener 3 after my upgrade? Or does it renew to 5?

If there’s no limit then I suppose this wouldn’t be an issue. I hope my question above is clear. :slight_smile:

About household licensing, I have a situation. I understand that it means immediate family members who are living under one roof.

I have a second laptop, a MacBook which I intended to equip with Scrivener for whenever I need it in case I send in my MacBook Pro for servicing. However, it is currently being used by my sister who only comes back to stay here on alternate months. Would this qualify for the MacBook to have my Scrivener license in which case my sister may also have access to use it? Or will it breach the EULA?

I am concerned because it said that the family member has to stay under same roof for period of no less than 8 months.

What of family members who are living with us for periods longer than 8 months, but moves away? Do I have to delete the software from their computer in the event that happens?

Please advise.