How many pages did I write?

Dear all,

is there a way to see how many pages I have written in Scrivener (in a draft file) without compiling a draft or printing it out?

This might have been already discussed here, sorry, but I need to keep track on how many pages I write per day. I usually get more frantic towards deadlines, and I try to stick to a schedule that involves the necessity to write a set amount of pages in a day (more or less, I even it out over a week or so). And I absolutely need it at the moment, because through a freakish incident I have to finish two big projects at the same time with pretty much the same deadline. (And it’s eating me alive… But I won’t complain, cause it’s also paying the rent pretty handsomely!)

Any suggestions?!

Best, Arne

MOVED to Technical Support, where questions like this belong…

You can use View > Statistics > Project Statistics to get a page count for the Draft folder.
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Thanks, Keith,

that really, really helps! But I cannot change the font in the page count options box for “based on xxx xx pt font”. I click on change and the font window pops up, but there’s no ok button or whatever and the changes never take any effect. It would be nice to change from Courier to another, more book-like font. What is it that I do wrong?

Another quick question: If I change the settings in project statistics / options, do they stay that way for all projects or are they project sensitive?

Again, thanks for this and for Scrivener in general!

Best, Arne

Dear Moderators,

I am interested in the answers to these questions, too. Please post a reply.

However, in your experience, do you suggest we get used to thinking in terms of word count rather than page numbers?


Not a moderator, but I do work on occasion as a fiction editor. In those terms, yes, think in terms of word count. [To guesstimate in the fiction world, assume 250-275 words/page.]

Page numbering is quite variable depending on printing typeface and layout.

My 175,000 word novel has a range of 469 to 691 pages depending on three different “acceptable” typefaces. The word count reflects the size of the thing.


Not that I have professional experience, but I do think word count is more accurate. I write lots of dialogue, which adds up to a large number of pages fairly quickly, but in reality it isn’t very long.

The only time I “measure” by page count is when doing Script Frenzy, but that’s a different story :slight_smile: