How many pdfs into a research folder?

Hi everyone! I would like to know: how many pdfs can I store into my research folder? I would like to be able to read them while writing my main document. Thanks for your feedback!

I know of no limit to the number of pdfs that can be placed in your research folder. If there were to be one, it would probably be in terms of gigabytes of pdfs (a large number of large pdfs, in other words), that is in terms of size rather than a simple number of pdfs - but I don’t know of a gigabyte limit for research-folder pdfs either.

However, I can think of a couple of circumstances where the number of pdfs - and/or their total size in megabytes or gigabytes - could start to be inconvenient. If you have your Scrivener project set to back up when you close it, if it’s very large because of a large number of research pdfs, and/or the pdfs themselves are very large indeed, then the back-up itself could take an inconvenient amount of time. Similarly, if you customarily transfer your project from one computer to another as, say, a zipped folder via Dropbox, that procedure too could take a relatively lengthy period. But in the past those considerations haven’t stopped Scrivener users successfully having - according to posts in these forums - gigabyte projects, with, presumably, loads of research materials.