How many video files is too many video files?

Hi folks, I’m pretty new to the program, but I’m working with it to develop a documentary–and am so impressed that I would love to make Scrivener a one-stop place for all my primary sources and development material. Can anyone tell me how much video, etc, the program handles without slowing down or exploding or anything?

Much appreciated. Justin.


I can’t answer that question specifically, but if you happen to also be a DevonThink user, you can easily establish links from Scrivener to DT using DT’s Copy Item Link command, basically indexing the video file, i.e., click on the link in Scrivener, the video opens in an appropriately sized DT window. I handle videos both ways: primary clips often get imported into Scrivener, but with many others, including very large video files that I simply want to have available immediately though not load the Scrivener document down, I create a video resource document/file in Scrivener and paste the video links and brief synopses of the relevant video clips that reside in DT. DT can handle very large files and large databases. fwiw.


Cool, thanks for the advice JP.