how may one enter a "return" char in a search/replace dialog

I could not find this in the manual: how does one enter non-printing characters into search and replace? Right now I do it by cutting and pasting - a bit tedious.

On the same topic, the “Edit:Find:Use Selection for Find” is a useful item; it is equally useful to have the matching “Edit:Find:Use Selection for Replace” item (as in BBEdit).

Hi, as with most controls in OS X, you can hold down the Option/Alt key whilst hitting return (or tab or other control characters) to enter a newline in the Find text field - or in any other control field.
Hope that helps.
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I tried this in a Replacement rule. No joy.

What about \n ? :thinking:

Also no joy.

Padding to 20 characters.

Weird. It works just fine for me (including replace). :thinking:

This works.

Replace: \n{2,}
With: ⌥⏎

One would think \n should work in the second slot, but it does not.