How much money would you require to release a new Linux version?

Dang it Devinganger, as much as I try to dislike you, you seem to be someone I would sit and have a couple beers with while we lamented the degradation of OS and hardware functionality “in the name of usability” simultaneously agreeing that the universe needs to end soon.

My problems with LInux really started when the focus moved from efficient kernels that you could extend to run X on to “windows replacement”. It’s gone downhill from there. It’s just as bloated as OSX these days. And twice as dangerous as you now have a pile of folks who really don’t understand the basics of security using it with no central “corporate overlord” forcing setting down their throat (and that overlord thing is MS, Apple, redhat in my opinion).

The final straw though was when i spent a 14hr day at work patching boxes only to come home and spend the entire night trying to get personal systems functional due to the same patch. OSX isn’t better, it just takes less of my time to manage. I still do all of my “dev” work in a linux vm on the command line.

And on the solaris front, I just noticed my Solaris 2.6 cluster admin cert when going through a box of old office stuff. That makes me feel a bit … old.

Hah. I use Slackware. No argument from me. (Without pulse. I suspect in the next version of Slackware, I’ll take the option to not even bother installing pulse.) I don’t have a large opinion on systemd, beyond “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and I don’t see why they needed to completely change the sysV system. I figure by the time Slackware’s forced to adopt something different, either something different (that doesn’t make me cringe) will be adopted, or it’ll be a minimal shift.

I can’t say I’m a fan of adopting new things because they’re new (thus, unproven), or of having to use a script (that you didn’t write) to edit another script (that you also didn’t write.) And binary logs? Yeah, that’s going to be really awesome to deal with, if something blows up.

Needless to say, Poettering isn’t on my Christmas card list.

Monitization of a platform require disabling easy access to information.

I leave it at that.

Wait, what???

We may or may not have had a significant disagreement or two some time ago. I’m sure it was something trivial. I got over it even though we tend to be on opposite sides of many things.

I’m also willing to admit I one of the less mature adults one will meet on the forum :smiley:

Looks like I need to do more research on systemd. And kick Pat Volkerding a few bucks, when I can.

I am sorry to hear that. You’re one of my favorite people to read here, in part because you don’t pretend to a level of maturity you don’t have (and thereby display a more true sense of maturity than most).

D, don’t read into the “dispute”. I’m sure you simply said something at which I randomly chose to take offense, triggering my few remaining grey matter parts to go play in in their own corner muttering “that devin guy looked at me funny”.

And thanks. I think I’ve finally gotten old enough (literally) where the effort to be someone other than my 8yr old self is just too much effort. Pretending to be someone, something, that I wasn’t for too long may have actually stunted my real maturity (at least that’s what i keep telling the boss lady). So I might as well tell fart jokes since I do find them funny.


I will take you at your word, then, and trust you to let me know if the matter changes.

These days, I have learned to be content with the fact that I cannot please everyone, nor should I, and instead simply aim for trying to only offend people on purpose when it is required.

I guess I have reached the next stage, being content if I can please myself. :smiley:

Let me rephrase.

For the most part, I do not wish to offend people by accident. If they are to be offended, I would rather it be done knowingly, as then I have chosen the consequences.

I would really love a linux version as well. But I think the problem with them pursuing this goes way beyond just the factor of money.

All those aside I think it would take a dedicated team of more than 5 developers to get a rudimentary version running in about a year.

And you did not MEAN offense. Which is why I tottered of to my corner, sniffed and pouted. Sometimes kids are better examples of properly mature behavior than we want to admit.

As to my monitization statement… look at what just happened to Red Hat.

I think us geek types do tend to cause umbrage, at first. Then again, are the social geek fallacies a tautology? Are all geeks doomed to have rotten understanding of social cues? Speaking for myself, I tend to overcompensate, and then cause situations out of that. (Knowing I don’t catch cues very well, especially in a text medium, and I tend to take people absolutely literally.)

I suspect Jaysen and Devinganger are doing what my SO and my brothers-in-law do when in meatspace together: loudly “argree.” Or “to vociferously discuss a point so as to seem as though they’re arguing about something they’re all in agreement over.”

ETA: yeah, the Red Hat acquisition does not fill me with confidence. Hopefully Slackware will weather the changes.

I posted something on Twitter this morning to the effect that With the IBM purchase, Red Hat Linux has now become as irrelevant as Solaris. Debian won.

In linux I’m all deb all the time… unless someone is paying me to think red hat. Then I’m sad.

Honestly though, at my point in life I just avoid it all. I’ll pay the tax for apple to avoid windows at home. I’m windows at work, and redhat on the servers. My real joy is AVR programming these days. no OS to even care about. Just have to know how to cross compile to the right arch with GCC out of eclipse. :wink:

I would argue that market share and productivity have nothing in common. Most people stick with Windows because it comes pre-loaded on their machines. They don’t even know there is another (better) choice in Linux. I’ve been using Linux exclusively for about 12 years now. I cringe when I have to try to fix issues on my wife’s Windows machines. And Windows definitely requires more time for maintenance than does Linux.


Thus I refute you.

(Don’t take me seriously, it’s just I never lose a chance to punch at systemd.)

And because Windows comes pre-loaded, and because it has large market share, it is very easy to either find information about using your Windows machine or pay someone to do it for you.

Most people do not want to be system administrators. They want to write (or whatever).


OMG! We found something else to agree on! :slight_smile: