How Preserve Presets in EBook Compile?

For an eBook How to Manual created in Scrivener (i.e., there is no DOCX file), how can a change to a Preset Format (e.g., “Heading,” “Sub-heading”) be preserved through compile?

Using “Redefine Presets from Selection,” I have painstakingly crafted Heading & Sub-heading with precise size, vertical placement & font color…only to sink into total despair seeing everything lost when viewing the compiled EPUB/MOBI in iBooks or Kindle.

Firstly, if you’ve spent a lot of time formatting text right in the editor, then you probably want to switch off the compiler’s formatting features. Make sure the override formatting checkbox in the Formatting compile option pane is disabled.

But as for things like colour—well most e-book readers can’t even go beyond black on grey, and even for those readers that do have colour displays (or for people reading books using software on a general purpose device), there are many little things like that with e-books that may or may not work depending very much upon the device, when it was released, and so on. A highlight might show up on the Kindle Fire, but not on the iPhone software or e-ink Kindles. Vertical placement is another bit of tricky business because you have to remember you are writing a book that is going to be displayed on everything from a 30" computer display to a dinky little old Palm Pilot. A 3" offset from the top of the screen would be entirely inappropriate on a device with a 2.7" tall screen. :slight_smile: So not everything you try and tell the e-book to do will be done. In most cases these restrictions are in place for good reasons.