How remove highlight colors completely


Can someone tell me how can I remove highlight colors in Scrivener so they go back to no color? Choosing Undo Highlight Color in View doesn’t restore it to pre-color.



You remove it the same way you applied it, but selecting the word(s) and either clicking on the highlight button or selecting the command from the menu.

There is a Format/Highlights/Remove Color command for this. As mentioned you just select the text you want to strip all highlighting from and then use that command.

Update: restarting Scrivener allowed the same steps to work properly. HOWEVER, I then tried to override the style with black text, not blue, and it didn’t work.

I did this to a bit of styled text, then redefined the style based on the same selection, and this appeared:
Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 23.51.35
It’s definitely a character format. What am I missing?

I feel like this was posted to the wrong thread. You’re responding to a six year old thread about removing regular formatting highlights—nothing to do with styles, which didn’t exist when this thread began.

Update: The problem with text color goes away if I delete the style from Compile (it was already overridden) and add it again.

I think it was on topic before I added the Update, but that glitch went away when I rebooted. The other problem does belong in a new thread, I suppose.