How Restrict Corkboard by Label?


How can items displayed on the corkboard be restricted by Label?

USE CASE: For a novel, I’ve “pinned” all “B-Story sub-plot” index cards with a Scrivener Label. Now, I’d like to work in the corkboard only viewing those B-Story index cards…not the whole collection.

Ideas? Thanks!

Plane Wryter

If you don’t need to rearrange them, you can create a search-based collection, restricting the search to the labels of your documents. If you do want to experiment with arrangement, you can just do the initial search and then drag them into a “manual” collection that you’ve already created.

In either case, note that you can’t affect the order in which they appear in the binder from within the collection, for good reason.


THANKS! Which leads to a follow-on question…

Now I have a “Collection Tab” (yea!)…and, to gain understanding of your comment (above) regarding arrangement, in the Collection, I changed the order of a couple of files–to see what would happen…

…and now my Collection Tab is out-of-order…as displayed in the Outliner, the files are in the correct order…so…

…is there a way to “Refresh” the Collection Tab so that it reflects the manuscript’s actual (physical?) sequence? (Cmd-R does not work and there are no right-click options on the tab that I can find.)

Ideas? Thanks in advance!

Can’t say that I know the answer; searches are always in binder order, so if you started with search results to build your non-search collection, then you could just delete the contents of your collection, re-run the search, and drag that list back in.

I’m sure there must be a more elegant way of doing that; but I’d suggest you go to the manual and read up on Collections for actual facts, as opposed to my hand-wavy assumptions.

It sounds as though you have a regular collection rather than a search collection such as Robert suggested. Regular collections are manual - you drag files into them and can order them any way you please. The main purpose of them is so that you can group different documents there and experiment with the order.

It sounds as though you want a search collection, though. To create one, run a project search on the label you want to restrict things by, then select “Save as Search Collection” from the bottom of the search menu (available by clicking on the triangle next to the magnifying glass in the project search field).

You can view the contents of a collection on the corkboard by clicking the collection header bar.

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