How Safari 4 is changing my life

I’m a heavy web user. So much, that I’m keeping three web browsers open (Camino for fixed pages, Safari for occasional pages, RealPlayer for media pages). This, because web pages act as a promemoria of my day life: look at that page, and you know you much check the social networks; give a look at the computer forums to see if there are upgrades or useful hints; go on reading that article you didn’t finished earlier; and so on.

With Safari 4, things are changing. The interaction between Top Sites, Bookmarks and History, each one with the miniature view of the pages, is making open pages an unnecessary waste of memory and CPU cycles. Do I want to go to a frequently visited page? Top Sites is filtering them for me, depending on how much I use them. Am I interested to a specific topic? Let’s go to the Bookmarks. And a quick glance at the History makes me find recently visited sites, that Top Sites has not yet considered my preferred ones.

I’m saving time. I no longer go throuh all my open pages. Pages I rarely visit are sinking, but still reside among my Bookmarks. Only pages I really need are kept to my attention. Either I accept the hints of Top Sites, or go straight to the page I’m interested into. No time lost browsing through information I’m not interested into.

And, RSS news are doing the rest, with only headlines and summaries shown for quick browsing.

What is your experience with it?


Paolo, your title suggest religious conversion ( :open_mouth: ), but I shall venture a response.

I’m also using Safari 4 heavily, but I just read a piece that says it’s a memory hog, especially of laptop battery life: … ttery-life

That article recommends Firefox, and I do use it because its many extensions (Adblock, Zotero, etc) are very helpful for Web research.

Another aspect of Safari that I find useful are the tabs. I put several bookmarks in a toolbar folder, open them all as tabs, and have a compact workspace within a single browser window. Very handy for giving demonstrations to students, too.

One downside: I had to reduce Safari to 32-bit in order to use PDF Plug-in. Under 64-bit, it’s super fast.

Addio, amico. :smiley: