How Scrivener broke my WoW (and how to fix it again).

So it’s no secret I’m a gamer, and it’s also not a secret I do a lot of raiding in WoW. The real reason I use wine is to play games. (WoW works fabulously with linux–there are Blizzard people helping out with wine’s development, last I heard.)

Around October 25, I started having some strange corruption in my WoW folder. I thought this was just OS cruft, since I was still using Slackware 12.0 at the time. I upgraded to 13.1 in anticipation of Scrivener and WoW’s 4.0 patch. (The success of wine working is related to the newness of one’s libraries and such, I’m finding.) I reinstall WoW, and everything appears to be working.

The odd thing throughout this is that WoW works fine on my laptop, which is still using Slackware 12.2. (And doesn’t have Scrivener installed–this is important, but I didn’t realize it.) The other important thing I missed is that nobody on the wine forums is having the same problem.

A massive patch comes down the pipe from WoW in anticipation of the next expansion…and I’m completely unable to connect to the patcher. Every time I try, I get that the patcher isn’t found. So I delete my WoW folder and reinstall for the 3rd time in as many weeks. It works for the time being.

December 7th comes, “Cataclysm” is released. Midnight comes and goes, and I’m unable to patch. So I start digging around in the WoW folder and see this: msvcr80.dll

That’s one of the same dlls that Scrivener needs from the C++ redistributable. In desperation, I delete my entire .wine folder, and–lo and behold!–I can patch again. So once WoW patches, I run it with its own wine prefix (giving it its own .wine directory, like a separate windows partition.) Another chunk of patch comes, and I’m happily (if sleepily) leveling my warlock.

I reinstall Scrivener to the default wine directory…and WoW continues to work the next day, when another small patch is pushed through. (Hotfixes would cause a crash.) So another big patch hit today, and the first part of it downloaded just fine. Problem solved!

If you encounter problems running other wine programs with Scrivener installed, here’s how to run them from their own wine prefix (replace with your own details, of course):

env WINEPREFIX="/home/hildegard/.winewow" wine "/home/hildegard/World of Warcraft/Launcher.exe"