How stable is the Windows beta?

Hi all,

On this moment I am following a video course on Udemy about CSS grid. I want to write down the codes and code structures in Scrivener. However I need Stylesheets. For me, those formatting presets will not do.

This document is completely for my own use, it will not be shared by other people. From time to time, I will compile the book to epub.

What I want to know is if Scrivener 3 for Windows beta is stable enough to create and maintain this document. Will I better wait until the release version becomes available or can I take the risk?

Can you give me your opinion about what I should do. If not for the stylesheets, I would make it in Scrivener 1.9.

Thank you very much for your time which I appreciate very much.

Have a nice day.


In the sense of a writer losing his work, the Scivener Beta is very stable. I’ve not seen anyone complain about that.

As far as creating your own stylesheets, I would say by the nature Beta software that you are running a huge risk of wasting your time because you never know what new bug may pop up and what code they’ll have to alter that may affect what you create.

Even after Beta, you’ll have to check and make sure with every major update nothing has changed that would affect your output, but at least you would have longer stretches before needing to worry about it causing a problem.

For actually writing code, I would recommend using a programmer’s editor rather than Scrivener. Perhaps linking the files in using Scrivener’s reference features.

Reason being that Scrivener is inherently a rich text editor, and code is inherently plain text. You can use formatting commands to make Scrivener look like plain text – a monospace font and so on – but you’ll still be adding an extra layer that isn’t relevant to what you’re trying to do, while abandoning programming-specific features like syntax highlighting and revision control.


Hello Sparrowhawk and Katherine,

Thank you both very much for the detailed information.

I think it is better to wait until the release version of Scrivener becomes available. It is not the intention to write code in Scrivener because for that I have Brackets. The intention is to summarize in an epub document what I learned in the video course. See it as a kind of reference guide. My ereader near the computer when I create a website, so I do not have to switch screens but can search and look to the ereader. I expressed myself wrongly (english is not my native language).

I will use the preset formatting in Scrivener 1.9 until Scrivener 3 for Windows is released.

Thank you both again for your advice which is very much appreciated.


Definitely stable enough for knocking out a draft of something. I have an entire important book in the beta, but it will require lots of wrangling in MS Word after I compile it anyway. So I figured why not draft it in Scrivener 3 since I’m not using Scrivener to do the formatting.

I definitely encounter big bugs with formatting, word count, etc. But I haven’t lost any work. I compile once a week just for safekeeping, though.