How to access a default external program? (Best Practices)

I work with a tremendous mind-mapping program, free for limited functionality, which I occasionally want to get to when I’m working in my scrivener file. I know that I can access it through windows, but I want to do it through Scrivener, taking advantage of the “everything in one place and minimal distractions” design. My current idea is to put a link to the mind-map document in the research folder, but I wonder if anybody out there has a better or different solution? If so, I’d love to hear it. :slight_smile:

I would suggest adding a link to the exe file in Project References. Project references are found in the Inspector. Click the i next to the search box.

Click on the second left icon in the footer. Tool tip will say references. Pane will say Document References by default. Click the two triangles and switch to project references.

That seems like just what I was looking for. Easier to get to from every window, and I don’t have the leave or split the editor. Thank you.

You’re welcome.