How to access cork board text for a folder

I somehow managed to turn a piece of text I was working on into a folder. God knows how.

I really need that text back (that’s a whole mornings writing gone) but when I go into the folder, it’s not there. It is still there, however, when I look at the cork boards for my draft binder. I can find no way of getting the text from the cork board, because when I try looking at it (ie. tapping it) or going into inspector it just takes me into the folder, where the text ins’t There. I’m really annoyed and frustrated - the text is there, took me ages to write, and I can’t access it.

Highlight it in the binder and go to Documents > Convert > . Haven’t got Scrivener open so can’t remember the exact wording after that to convert it back into a document. There might be a shortcut that you triggered by accident. Your text won’t be lost unless you did something else on the way by.


Convert to Document is also on the contextual popup menu you get if you control-click on the folder in the Binder


P.s. Incidentally (though not recommended for you case), to see the textual content of a folder itself, all you have to do is tap the document icon on the tripartite mode button on the toolbar. Fair warning though: Scriv will remember this and take it for a preference, so it will start showing you the text content of every folder you click on (typically your folders have no textual content, of course). To set the default view for folders back to corkboard (or outline) just click on the preferred view while you have a folder selected in the binder.