How to achieve different toolbar / titlebar colors?

Firstly, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. I know it’s possible to pick the GUI (toolbar / titlebar) color from Light (gray) or Dark (black), but I saw a screenshot from the official Scrivener twitter that has a different color.

As seen in the screenshot, the toolbar is in a pinkish red. So I was wondering if there’s any way to achieve it.

P.s: I know it’s possible to modify .sctheme files, so if you happen to know where exactly (color ID, variable name, etc) it’s located in the file, that would help a lot :smile:

That’s most likely the result of dark mode Scrivener on a red(ish) background with macOS’s »window tinting« feature enabled, which is the default.

Oh, I was able to reproduce it. That appears to be the case. Thanks for bringing it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

It appears that users of the Windows version are able to change that color, though. I wonder if macOS users can have it in the future.

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