How to add a double space between scenes.

I have each scene as its own doc, and when I compile (ePub) I’d like either an extra carriage return between scenes. It is not doing that currently. My docs are all structure-based (section-type=scene).

In Compile > Edit Format > Separators > Text Files > Separator between sections: I have tried every option, even Custom and set the value to ~. When I tested I expected to see a ~ between scenes but no such luck. What am I doing wrong?

My guess would be that even though you’ve set the global default for text file separators to insert an empty line, the actual Layout that you are using for individual scenes is doing its own thing. Click on it in the list, and if it is using its own settings, try disabling them at the very top with the checkbox.

Woo hoo, that fixed it! I didn’t realize that Scenes use the Section Layout “Section Text” until you prodded me. Thanks!

Ok I’ve figured out how to manipulate separators between scenes, but i cannot find a way to insert 2 carriage returns, or a couple of carriage returns with a flourish between them.

Complie… > Edit Format > Separators > Section Text > Separator between sections > Custom
lets me put in some characters, but not carriage returns.

ePub 3?

See… … 03#p268203

Yes! Thanks!