How to add a link to a Word doc that's on my hard drive

Is it possible to link to a Word document on my hard drive?

And must it be resident in Google Drive, or can I link to it in any location on my hard drive.

I receive the following box when I choose EDIT > Add Link and don’t know where to find the file link address.

paste file box.jpg

I guess the simplest way to create a link is to drag the document from the Finder window to wherever you want the link to be in a Scrivener document.

Thanks, MB, great reply.

That’s what I ended up doing but I’d like to know how to use the file address as well.

If you right click on the link (if memory serves correctly) you should be able to edit the link. That will show you the typical format. It is something like “Users/username/folder name/filename”. Finding the path to a file that is deeply buried in the filesystem can be a real annoyance, though there are utilities that can get it for you with a single click, and copy it to the clipboard. Have a search on Macupdate and other such sites and see what you can find.