How to add a PDF to a "link doc"?

When I write something, I sometimes create a link document, which I display in the Inspector. I do not know if this is wise. I use it as a kind of “second binder” to have quick access to documents that are scattered in completely different places.

Is there any way to create a link to a PDF (drag and drop)? Thank you.

Mm, nobody?

When I drag a PDF from the binder into the inspector, I get the PDF. But I would like a link to the PDF. Is that possible? Probably not, right? :wink:

Can’t you just drag and drop that PDF from the binder to the project bookmarks (directly under “Link Dok”, not in the preview area). :thinking:

Ah, yes that works. I don’t have everything together in one place, but I can still access quickly.

However, the PDF cannot be opened in the editor by clicking. I have to drag it into the editor, …mm… so there is no way to have the PDF where the other links are?

Right-click and “Im aktuellen Editor öffnen” (or some of the other options).

Right, thank you!

But if I understand amber correctly, the other should work as well. Url works

But the PDF shows for example this

Of course it does. Right-click.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

Bear in mind that PDF is a kind of image, from the perspective of the text editor. All images by default will drag in as images, which is why you see an embedded copy of page one.

If you want to link to any kind of image file from your text editor, hold down the Option key while dropping. This works equally from the Binder, as any other file delivery services (like Finder).

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When you just click on this PDF (or any link) in the bookmarks panel, the content shows up in the preview area below (as seen in your screenshot). If you right-click on the PDF and bring up the context menu, there are options to open it in the editor or elsewhere.

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Yes, now it works :champagne:

Thanks @AmberV and @November_Sierra !!!

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In a way, these links are almost better than collections for me, or let’s say complementary. :grinning:

Bookmarks, collections and links can all be very closely related. :slight_smile: In fact with the first two you can even drag and drop between the lists, meaning bookmarks are a way of backing up collections you don’t really want cluttering up the list. Both are also essentially saved selections, when you bulk drag them into a text editor or use Reveal in Binder.

Links can also circulate between these formats as well, just not as seamlessly round-trip (whole lists of bookmarks can make a list of links, but a list of links does nothing, you have drag them back one by one).

I get the “click to load” appeal, as right-click is a bother and drag and drop is just barbaric. For internal bookmarks the Enter key suffices to load in the editor though (or rather as dictated by Behaviours: Document Links). Otherwise it always annoyed me the Navigate ▸ Open ▸ ... commands just stop working when a bookmark is selected. Nothing strikes me as that being necessary, seeing as how they act as proxies for binder items in so many other ways, like collection listings do. If those were lit up, we could just hit the universal ⌥⌘O to load in current editor, for example, like you would from corkboard, binder, etc.

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