How to add a word to IOS speller

I have probably missed something, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to add a word to the speller on my iPad from within a Scrivener document. Can someone please enlighten me? Thx.

Feeling rather stupid,


I’d appreciate knowing even if it is simply NOT possible to add a word to the dictionary from within Scrivener on my iPad.


Honestly, I don’t believe it is. To the best of my knowledge, iOS Scrivener uses the iOS dictionaries, and the spelling facilities in whatever iOS soft/hard keyboard you’re using.

If this is important to you, several third-party soft keyboards, such as Swype, allow you to add words to their internal dictionaries on the fly.

If I’m wrong, I hope someone from Official Tech Support will correct me!

Thanks for the tip about installing a different keyboard. I’ll give that a try.

Potts, let us know how it went with the different soft keyboard.

I tried a number of soft keyboards, including Grammarly, Gboard, Prokeyboard and SwiftKey, to no avail. Swypes no longer seems available (at least in my Canadian app store), so I wasn’t able to test that one. If anyone has has better luck with a different keyboard, I’d love to hear about it.

I got it to work! I just added the words to my dictionary on my Word app and it carried over to Scrivener immediately. Not through the keyboard , but right in the document.

I also had this problem and one solution is (iOS 11) Settings App->general->keyboards->text replacement
hit the ‘+’ sign in the upper right and enter the word in the ‘phrase’ field, ignore the shortcut field and the word is now in the system’s auto correct dictionary. You can add/delete/edit all your other custom entries here.