how to add an accent mark to a name?

hello - can anyone tell me how to add an accent mark to my character name Mama so it reads more like the Spanish form with an accent on the second “a”

Thank you !


Hold down the Option key and then type one of the special accent keys (e, i, n, u) - this will create the accent highlighted in yellow. Then type the letter you want to go under the accent.

For instance:

Opt+e, a = é
Opt+u, a = ä
Opt+n, a = ã
Opt+i, a = â

Hope that helps.

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Yes thank you Keith ---- this helps alot – the program’s great but I wish the help manual was better organized - there’ve been so many times when i type in something like (in this instance) “add accent” or “accent” or “add special characters” and no search results come up in the help manual ---- so that i have to post a query and then wait for someone to reply… thanks again for all your help.

This is a general feature of OS X, so it’s not in the Help manual - the Help manual can’t cover every single aspect of the OS X text system, as that would take up several volumes. Most users seem to really like the manual, fortunately, and I think Ioa has done a sterling job on it.
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You’re most certainly right ----- my problem is I’m not yet familiar with OSX either, and I’m trying to get up to speed on that & Scrivener simultaneously !!

Aah… such is life !!

Thx again !

Understood! You can bring up the character viewer, by the way, by going to System Preferences > Language & Text > Input Sources and ticking “Show Input menu in menu bar”. Then from the flag icon in the top of the menu bar, you can pick “Show Character Viewer”. This will show a virtual keyboard, and the keys on it will change to show what will be typed when different modifier keys are held down. So, if you hold down Option, it will show the various accents that can be created. From the same menu you can pick “Show Character Viewer”, which allows you to enter various symbols.

The TextEdit help file can also be useful for quick bits of information about the OS X text system in general, although we’ve tried to cover everything applicable in our manual.

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