How to add an INTRODUCTION to my Scrivener project


Could someone kindly tell me how to add an INTRODUCTION (i.e., poem) to my Scrivener manuscript? Obviously this would appear before Chapter 1, but I’m not sure how to add it in such a way that it will appear once the Manuscript is compiled.


If you use chapters as folders, then the easiest way would be to add a text document as the first element in the manuscript folder, before chapter 1 at the same level.

Type your poem on that text file and make sure that Level1 Text box is selected on Formatting options at Compile time.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! I will try this.


There is also a special folder outside of your draft, which you can designate as frontmatter. See the manual for details on this, or search the forum. Your Introductory Poem can go there along with title page, copyright page etc.

There are advantages to doing it this way, but some of them depend on what sort of output you have in mind. If you follow the original notion for Scrivener workflow, that is: use Scriv to settle shape and organization and getting out a solid first draft, then completing editing and future drafts in a word processor like Word or LibreOffice, then putting all your draft, in order, in your Draft folder, makes the most sense.

But if you are using some of Scrivener (and Mac OSX’s) new features to finalize copy and compile directly to the formats you have in mind, then the special Frontmatter folder can take on different characteristics for different output formats (again, read up in the manual for the details). For example, if you want to output a pdf print edition, or a CreateSpace print-on-demand edition, your Frontmatter could follow traditional publishing and have different folios or page numbers (arabic numbering is traditional for the main- and backmatter, whilst lower case roman numbering is traditional for frontmatter).

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Thank you for this response! My intention is to use Scrivener to complete a manuscript in order to shop my book to agents. So perhaps placing the Intro poem before Chapter 1 would be best? I just figured out how to place this before Chapter 1…phew…yes, I have the manual here on my desktop…:slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t think you need to add the complexity of front matter for this—it’s mainly useful for people creating multiple formats, or to handle special cases like Roman numeral page numbers in the preface/toc/etc. Just set everything up in the Binder in the order they should appear. You may want to check off the “Compile As-Is” flag in the Inspector if the poem has special formatting.