How to add back matter without it appearing in the TOC as...

Is there a way to add back matter (such as a list of my other books and a copyright statement) to a Novel with Parts, without these extras appearing in the TOC as Chapters? - just as Author’s Note and Copyright, for example.


This is absolutely possible, but you have to manipulate your compile settings and position your back matter documents to match. It’s kind of the old fashioned way of doing front matter, except you put your documents at the end of your manuscript.

Since you’re doing a “Novel with Parts” binder structure, you’ll want to create each section of your back matter as a separate document at the same indent level as your “Part” folders. Then you’ll want to go to the Formatting section of the compile window, and change the “Level 1” document settings so that it doesn’t add any title prefix.

If you need further explanation as to how that’s accomplished, feel free to ask.


That worked.

TY so much. What a time saver your advice was.

I followed the link to your site and was pleased to find you’ve got other articles on Scrivener.
In case it will help others, here’s one… … s-backups/

Many thanks.

This saved me a heap of time - thanks so much!!

I’m trying to fully understand this answer. I want to include in the Copy Documents as ToC links to my author’s page and Index of other books that I have.

If I understand it, which makes sense is that I delete my back matter and move the folders to the end of my story under the Manuscript section? Is this correct?

Well I figured out that doesn’t work as it added Chapter Headings to my back-matter. I guess I’m going to have to study more about the compile options or fix things manually as I’m doing now. I’m trying to end up with a Word document that I can submit to Amazon and don’t want to give them a MOBI formatted file.