How to add character list

I don’t know how to describe my problem but first i want to ask you if somebody in here used any other scriptwriting programm like Celtx or Final Draft. If they did, they discovered that when you type a character’s name in screenplay it’s generated automatically. Is this feature available also in Scrivener cause i need to type the name of a character every time that i want and it doesn’t generate automatically like Celtx.

Thank you

If somebody can’t understand what i want to say please write your question and i will try to give you more details

Does anybody knows something about Character’s name Auto-Completion and if there is a way to create in Scrivener database for Characters, Locations, Items etc like in Celtx ?

It’s not something I’ve tried, but you could (as a last resort) use OS X’s autocomplete - you can access it from the corrections tab in Scriveners options. I’m not aware of anything in Scrivener itself for doing this (but it should absolutely be on the wish list!)

Update: Sorry only just noticed this was a Windows question. Reckon there must be a similar thing there too?

I responded to your similar question over in Windows tech support subforum