How to add child folder / note / text?

How can I add a to the folder “111111”

a child text - folder “22222”:

And how can one expand sub items by double clicking, not only the arrow (instead of open it to rename it) the item (folder or text) they are contained?

To add a subdocument to a folder, just select the folder in the binder and press ctl-N (or if you want to add a subfolder, Ctl-shift-N). It will be created indented as they last subdocument/folder in the parent folder.

To add a subdocument to another document then highlight it, create the new document with ctl-N and rename it. Finally move it into position with Ctl-right arrow. (The Ctl-arrow shortcuts promote/demote documents and move the up/down the hierarchy and they’re very useful.)

If you don’t want to click on the little arrow to expand / contract a folder, just use the left/right arrow. I think double-clicking may be hardwired to ‘Rename’.

Thank you very much!

Yes, that’s working already, also by using the buttons / icons.

Ah yes, that’s exactly what I would like to avoid (when moving the new item to the parent item it collapses and you have to click the arrow to expand). I would like to just add a child folder / text with a single click or so.

Alright, I would do it that way. Making the entire name / folder / note clickable does not appear to be possible.

Thank you very much again