How to add icons?

I see there is an option to add icons, but I have no idea where to get more. Does scrivener supply additional ones?

I get mine from websites:

I generally use 32px sized PNGs but your mileage (and usage) may vary.


If I simply use a picture, would it automatically reduce the size for whats appropriate for a small icon?

That I don’t know for sure (guess alert!)…but I suspect it would probably display as small images the files would probably remain gi-normous.

There are a few (many) image re-sizers on the interwebz though, e.g.

Search for “favicon”, which is the term used for those tiny icons in the URL header bar of your browser.

Using google image search for “favicon moon” turns up a number of promising icons that’ll work on the Mac. Look for those that have transparent backgrounds (instead of a white square), as those look best in the binder.

However, if you have Scrivener for iOS, those icons won’t be displayed there (something to do with the resolution not working well on iOS screens). Instead, you can customize icons on any file or folder in the binder, choosing from the emoji that are available (or even just a regular letter or two). And since it’s available now on iOS, I’m guessing that emoji-as-icons will come to a future release of Scrivener for Mac and maybe even Windows.