How to add new Front Matter folder to old project

My project was created before the PC version added the Front and Back matter super folders. How do I add those into an existing project?

Hi, AngelaQ, and welcome to the forum.

AFAIK the simplest way to do this is to create a new “dummy” project with the template of your choice (probably Novel with parts).

Then, with both projects open at the same time, drag and drop the “Front Matter” folder from the dummy project to your existing one. Then you can dispose of the dummy project.

Hope this helps!

You can just create a new folder in the project anywhere outside the Draft folder and call it “Front Matter” to make it and its subdocuments available at the top of the list when choosing to include front matter in compile. You can give it a special icon by right-clicking the folder and choosing “Change Icon”.

Thank you, both of those worked!!