How to add page number ???

The question is in the subject :slight_smile:
I put <$p> in the footer but page number don’t appear…
(please have a look on the attached screenshot)

What do you mean by “it don’t appear”? It doesn’t appear where? What format are you exporting to? (For instance, if to RTF or Word, make sure you are opening the document in a word processor that supports headers and footers - not TextEdit, which doesn’t.)

Thanks KB,
Indeed, I opened my document with TextEdit… (importation in .doc)
I’m a new Mac user so I didn’t know TextEdit doesn’t support headers and footers…
Thanks again, I didn’t understand anything :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, I thought that might be it - that gets a lot of people. :slight_smile: If you open it in Word, Nisus or OpenOffice you should see everything intact (or in Pages as long as it’s .doc or .docx - Pages loses certain formatting from RTF, but opens .doc and .docx files fine).

Glad that helped!

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