How to add page numbers in compile?

At the risk of being known as the stupidest person in America I will confess I do not remotely understand how to add page numbers in Compile.

In the FAQ there is this information:

"The page number tag can only be used in headers and footers, set in the Page Settings tab of Compile, and is the only tag currently supported in headers and footers.

Gets replaced with the current page number during the Compile process."

But I need a step-by-step (yes, I’ve done the tutorials—unless I’ve missed something, this is not in there, probably because it’s too basic). I think what I’m missing is an understanding of what I need to do with the grayed-out box with the <$p> in it.

Please advise. I’m on a very tight deadline and I just need to get this manuscript out, preferably with my last name in the upper right hand corner and the page number in the lower right.

Thanks very much.

I’m not the best at instructions. I just wanted to say “don’t feel bad”. I’ve been using scriv a while and I still can’t figure 90% of it out.

I’m looking at a Mac so let me know if you are on windows and I check there.

Open the compile dialog.
Select page setting in left side.
In the header or footer lines pick where you want the page number (left, center, right)
put <$p> where you want the number. You can put text before and after id needed. ex page <$p>

Thanks, Jaysen, for your help and kind words.

Somehow, after posting my stupidest question ever, I figured it out. Trial and error times 10.

Zero risk! 8) :open_mouth:

While only a few hours away, I think the bumkins around me would provide a large buffer between scherbert and “stupidest”. Think “rednecks on dumb enhancers”.