how to add quotes that link to the original quote in an arti

Hi folks,

brand new here so apologies if it’s been asked before. I did try look but could find anything i understood.

Is it possible to have a PDF in the binder, copy part of the text of that pdf (or retype it) and then link it back to the original article, so that if I am reading over the document and want to see that specific quote in the original article, I just click it?

It is probably really simple but I just couldn’t get it

You can easily link back to the document, but the link architecture doesn’t support manipulating the scroll bar after you’ve clicked, thus it will just jump back to the last spot you were looking at in the PDF, not a specifically determined spot—like a quote you’ve selected. To link to anything at all in Scrivener, select some text to make a hyperlink of, and use the Edit/Scrivener Link/ sub-menu to select that item. Additionally, you already have the item visible in the Binder, it might be easier to click and drag the item into the text editor, holding down the Option key after you start dragging. This will drop the name of the item, hyperlinked back to that item, where you let go. Or if you have pre-selected some text it will attach a hyperlink to that text.

ok that helps hugely. I’ll just highlight the quotes as I get them.