How to add some text to Scrivener without Scrivener?

I never liked the idea of writing on my phone, however sometimes there are some rough thoughts or even single words that are worth saving immediately. Obviously there is no Scrivener on my Android phone, but Dropbox is everywhere. I wonder if it would be possible to add some text to a Scrivener project without Scrivener?

Of course I can make a note in any cross platform note editor, like Google Keep, and copy its content to a project later. But maybe there is a better and easier way?

For a single project, you could use “sync with external folder” on just one file in the project. I believe there’s a plain-text and an RTF option for that.

For all projects, there’s a way to put the Scratchpad into a folder of your choosing, and I believe that can be edited outside of Scrivener too.

I haven’t done either of the above, but the first option should be easy enough, given a little experimentation with a throw-away project.

I have set up my system so that the default folder for the Scrivener scratchpad is a folder in Dropbox, imaginatively called “Notes”. This is also the default folder for a little Mac program called nvALT, and on my iOS devices it is also the default folder for Byword and 1Writer. Either of those can be used for writing text or markdown files to the Notes folder, which is automatically available to Scrivener via Scratchpad. I imagine that Android has various text editors that can do the the same thing.

Great, it gives me some hope. Any ideas about cross-platform note taking service, that supports Dropbox synchronization? I was thinking about Simplenote, but unfortunately it stopped supporting Dropbox.

As I indicated in my post, I don’t use a service because I don’t need anything more than plain text files that I keep in a Dropbox folder. So I just use a plain text editor when away from my Mac. The only extra feature I would get with Simplenote is some kind of tagging, and that can be achieved in a way by putting hashtags in the body of the note. There are some very extensive posts about this sort of methodology at But is is overkill for most of us.