How to add text to a form like document

I have a project that I’d like to do something rather strange with and was wondering if there might be a way to do it more easily with Scrivener than what I’ve been able to find.

Essentially, this project calls for many documents to get text added to for example:

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

The questions remain the same. The answers vary. Scrivener is great for this because of the organizational ability, and the meta data that can be attached to each form. Also the ease of export in different formats.

What I’d like to do is have the font used to answer be clearly very different from the font for the questions. Not simply bold or not, but a different font and style. I want the answers to stand out. Essentially, what I’m after is a command that says, “From here on out, I want to use xxx font, but don’t mess with what I already have.”

Currently I’m using a hotkey to start a font, which seems to work for a few lines or a couple questions, but reverts back at the next paragraph, requiring doing the hotkey again.

Anyone have any ideas? If not a different font, then a different color?

When the documents go out in PDF format, I want the answers to stand out from the questions.


When you get V3 for Windows, this will be simple to achieve, using the new concept of styles.

Essentially, you’d have one style for Questions, and one for Answers. You’d set the Questions style to be followed automatically by the Answer style. Both styles will also be accessible through shortcuts, and they’ll carry through to compilation (in most cases). It’s easy to set up and use in practice.

You could try out the Beta of V3 to see how it works. The beta is being used by many people now even for serious work, but of course there are the usual warnings about the risk of betas! Might be worth giving it a go though.


I’m using beta 3 (17). I’m using styles. I’m unable to find it easy.

The questions are already there. When I highlight a question, the style changes to that format, so I have to hotkey alt-shift-6 before every answer. That is what I’m trying to avoid.Alt-Shift-6 is a two handed convoluted option to have to repeat 8 or 9 times on a page. I did the questions in the no style style.

Then I switched and did the questions in an odd style and was hoping the default style would work for the answers. But, it doesn’t, because the default no style style is for new documents only.

Then I tried getting rid of spaces and highlighting just the questions and making them a style. Didn’t matter. The answer on the same line as the question still reverted to question style forcing me to hotkey over to the answer style. Some questions form a bullet list, and I can down arrow from one to the other and keep the answer style for that set, but often am forced back when going to another section.

What I fantasize about is a “From this point on type in this color or use this style” option even if I’m on a line that began in another style. Like turning a style on and having it work wherever I go until I turn it off, at least in that article.

I think I’ve figured it out :smiley: . Revision mode. Hadn’t used that or thought of it, but, thought I don’t get to change the font, I can change the color and that should be sufficient. Essentially, it does what I want. Everything new I write is different.

I actually do this myself sometimes, by paragraphs (reason below).

The trick is in the style itself.

Format → Style → Redefine Style from Selection → Redefine (choose the style here)

In the dialog box, at the bottom, where it says “Next Style”, choose the name of the style you’re redefining and save (click OK). If it’s a new style, it’ll offer “This style” or something similar near the top of the list, and in that case, click that and then click OK. The style change will now remain changed through a carriage return.

However. In Scrivener, styles apply to paragraphs. Not to sentences, not to words. To paragraphs. You can change the font, size, color, et cetera of a single character, no issues, but you change the style and it will apply it to the entire paragraph.

Hope that helps.

A minor correction: There are two types of styles in Scrivener–Paragraph styles and Character styles. You can apply one paragraph style to an entire paragraph. Within any paragraph, each character or string of characters can be set to a character style, even if that paragraph has a paragraph style applied to it too.

So in your above instructions, it’s important to note the option to create a paragraph style instead of a character style by using the “Formatting:” drop-down; either choose “Save all formatting” or “Save paragraph style”, but not “Save character attributes”. You’ll know you got it right if your custom style is listed with the pilcrow character to the left of its name in the list of styles. As far as I’m aware, you can’t transform a paragraph style into a character style, nore can you do the opposite.

Thanks, but I think I need the character style as my answers are often on the same line as the short question. So, revision mode seems my best option and just quite trying to change the font itself. I’ll use Green for most answers, Red for answers indicating an issue.

I guess I can put in a new feature request that Revision mode also allow font changes, but really, this is sufficient.