How to add "third party" dictionaries?

Is it possible to add dictionaries outside the available ones in Tools-> Options-> Corrections-> Download? I can’t find Finnish on the list. What format are these dictionaries in?

In my Windows 7 setup, the dictionaries are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\Aspell\dict, and have filenames ending in .rws. They are not simple text files. There are other types of files there (.alias and .multi) that are also involved in how the system works.

However, there is also a folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\resources\How to add spelling words, which contains a text file with instructions. They are for adding words to an existing dictionary, but perhaps they could be adapted to create an entirely new dictionary, based on a word list file acquired elsewhere. The instructions look like they require some technical skill (or at least some technical nerve), but not a great deal. If you tried to create a new dictionary and failed, I don’t think you would break anything in Scrivener, as long as you didn’t modify any existing files and cleaned up anything new that you’d created. I haven’t tried this myself, so please note that I speak out of a little knowledge and a lot of ignorance!

Thank you DavidR. The latter option you bring up sounds like something one could try, a little hack. I’m actually using Scrivener on Mac myself and I’m looking into the Windows version just to be able to give some support to writers I’m editing. This spelling issue is however pretty crucial. I wonder if the next big Windows version of Scrivener will bring any help, I doubt though.

OK. If you decide to try this, please report back here on whether it works. If it’s successful, you might be able to post your Finnish dictionary files here (assuming there are no copyright issues involved), or submit it to Literature & Latte for inclusion in the next Windows version. And kudos for being a Mac user who is willing to at least consider jumping through these hoops for Windows people!

I wanted to add a comment to this discussion because I came looking for a way to add a whole list of “names” to the Dictionary, as I’m writing Sci-Fi Fiction and as you can guess, Alien names aren’t going to be Ralph, Fred or Bob.

I used the Create Name tool in Scrivener to come up with a list of possible names I’ll be using, which is quite large. After compiling my list, I placed it into my Character Folder as a plain text file, and when I need a name, I go to that file, choose a name, then erase it from the list, so I don’t accidentally use it again. The pain in my behind is that every time I used a new name I would have to add it to my Personal Word List, which takes time away from writing and breaks my train of thought, so having this technique to add the names to the Dictionary will genuinely help me.

Yes, I know, I could just ignore the red underline for each name, but for myself, that’s not possible; when I see red, I have to stop and check it!


Good, I hope adding the alien names to the dictionary will work for you! (I don’t read much scifi, but somehow I imagine that aliens named Ralph, Fred, and Bob might actually be a little extra quirky!) I totally understand about not being able to ignore the red line! I often write with spell-checking turned off, and then go back and do all the corrections at once. Helps to keep from distracting myself.

Any updates on this issue? I’d like to have Finnish dictionary :slight_smile: