How to add this to the Project Bookmarks?

I have a file I want to add to the project bookmarks. However, I can’t open it directly and have to create a shortcut like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\nameofprogram.exe" /f "D:\path to database\database.db"

How exactly do I get this into the Project Bookmarks? I created a external bookmark to the executable and that worked but then it stopped working when I tried tagging on the second part.

Trying to add a bookmark to the .lnk just resolves and adds the exe, so that won’t work.

Thank you.

Additional context: The program specifically is Lexique Pro. Has a bit more functionality than a document of custom words & definitions in the Research folder.

What you can do is assign the Citation Provider to your application. You can point it to any executable you like.
File > Options > General > Citations, click Choose… enter the path to your database.
This assumes that your application opens the database from a Command Line Option.

Choose Insert > Citations to start your application and load your database.

That works.

I did find a workaround, though: Adding the shortcut as a file didn’t work. But adding it as an external URL to file:///D:/Documents/My%20Lexicon.lnk does work. Still a bit kludgey but it works. Just for future posterity for anyone having this problem. :slight_smile: