How to adjust image size for MS Word?

I’m trying to resize some graphics files (screen shots) that I’ve imported into Scrivener and will be compiling to RTF for Word. The problem I’m having is that some of the images are fairly wide, and don’t fit on the page in Word.

As far as I can tell, the image (JPG) dimensions set in Scrivener draft documents (Width x Height) have no effect on how big the image is when I open the RTF file in word. I’ve also tried changing the DPI, the images number of pixels in both directions, and even an alternative setting to indicate the number of inches wide that the image should be. Nothing changes anything.

So my questions are thus:
Is there some way that I can tell Scrivener how wide the image is supposed to be, so that on Compile to RTF, the image will be smaller?
If not from within Scrivener, is there a free/built-in windows program that can accomplish what I’m after?

I’d rather not do the resizing in Word, even if it’s going to take a lot of effort on my part – I’ll likely be updating this document periodically, and would rather be able to make the changes in Scrivener so that I only have to do it once.
I am no graphics guru, quite the opposite. So please use small words in your explanations. :slight_smile:

What I do is to resize images before putting them into docs. I often make them all a standard size, so I use an batch resizer. Try one of these: … Resize.htm

I’ve now fiddled with Xnconvert a bit, but no dice. I think I’m doing everything right: locate the .jpg in my project’s Docs directory, open it in xnconvert, modify it using the Resize action*, save as the original file (I checked the time stamp each time, and it’s being updated in the scrivener project). Then I delete the embeded copy in my draft document and drag the new image into the vacated space.

Every time, when I compile to RTF (or even docx for that matter), the image remains exactly as it appeared the last time, trailing off the right edge of the page. Am I doing something wrong?

It seems that the image has some information that indicates it’s own original dimensions, since it always comes out as 5.24" h x 7.24" w in Word.

  • The settings I used were Mode: Longest side; Size: 5 inches (the picture is wider than it is tall); Enlarge/Reduce: Reduce only; I left the Resample at “Lanczos”, whatever that means.

Hmm, I am not familiar with any of the programs. They seem well devised, but a bit overkill for your scenario. Personally, I would not overwrite my originals. The quality may turn out too poor, or details may be missing.

Here’s another freeware I’ve been using for years, no installation necessary, just one tiny file:

It’s German, but not to worry, it’s a no-brainer, pared down to essentials. Just one window:
Left side = choose the folder where your pics are located, it will only affect the picture files inside

Right side: top to bottom:
Radio buttons = select an output size
Checkboxes = leave both on (one sharpens the edges, the other keeps the aspect ratio)
Slider = quality, all the way to the right for max
Edit-Box = prefix you want for your reduced pics
Edit-Box = subfolder name that will be placed inside the original folder
If you type REDUCED instead of the default “verkleinert” you will end up with a subfolder “REDUCED” and this is where you will find your pics (copies of the originals).

If you have any questions, let me help you out.

It’s a while since I used Xnconvert and don’t remember it too well. The program I use regularly is, which is very straightforward (and in English, if that helps). You select a folder of images, or a single one, choose the resize options, add a border if you want, and then it creates a folder of new images for you.

  • are your images actually resizing properly?
  • is Scriv resizing them? - does it have some kind of default image size??

(I’d also be wary of deleting your originals :wink: ).