how to adjust leading/line height for compiled manuscript

I’ve changed the line height under
Compile > Edit > Styles > Body.
I’ve also (for good measure) adjusted the line height within the scene itself.
Neither seems to change the compiled output. I was expecting a line height setting for “Scene” but I couldn’t find that setting.

Thanks in advance!

Is “Scene” the name of a section type? If not, there are no Compile settings for it.

If Compile changes your line height and you don’t want it to, find the section layout for the section type involved and turn off the “override text and notes formatting” checkbox. Or click in the greyed-out text at the Formatting tab for the section layout and using the format bar or Format menu to set the line height you want.


Thanks for the fast response! Sorry, I neglected to attach screenshots, that would be helpful.

The section type for scenes is “Section Text”:
[attachment=1]section text.jpg[/attachment]

I would expect to be able to control line height here, and your comment suggests I should be able to, but there’s nothing:

[attachment=0]no line height.jpg[/attachment]

Two fundamental questions: what version of MacOS; what version of Scrivener?



It could be a display glitch, even though it looks like there is room for the control, does it appear if you make the window even wider?

In the meanwhile, to get things rolling so you aren’t held up by this: try using the Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Line and Paragraph Spacing… menu command. It’s good to know that most of the formatting commands are all available when designing compile settings.

Big Sur 11.2.1.
Scrivener 3.2.2 (14632)

[UPDATE]: This morning I updated to Bug Sur 11.2.2, and went back to the Section Text screen, and line height is now there! Woo hoo, thanks everyone!

Thank you for posting your solution. It’s good to know that Apple is still fixing display anomalies in Big Sur. – Katherine

If the dropdown is missing, you can still click in the sample text and use the Format menu. I think it’s a more useful method anyway.

It didn’t occur to me that I could use the menus… found it, thanks!